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By Don M. - 1/19/2018
We always talked of these times as opportunity to trim the deadwood. Unfortunately this also gets some innocent people also. From the few articles I've seen on reducing people/positions, I would expect Trump administration to do the right thing and not make the effort an Obamaisc political play.

Charles Payne you are good for America.

Scott Gillespie writes: - 1/2/2018
Great report and heads up for 2018 Charles. I sure appreciate your hard work.
Ed Miller writes: - 12/30/2017
I watch you every night I am home. You are an idle of this old white man.
Gary Fox writes: - 12/27/2017
I love your comments, please keep them coming.

Kevin K writes: - 11/9/2017
Well stated and succinct Charles. Thanks for making it understandable to the doubters. If Congress could get their collective acts together, we'd be even better-off. Haters always gonna hate!
By James J. Hayes - 11/7/2017
Good concise reporting. Well done

By R. J. Herson - 11/7/2017
Mr. Payne, your commentary on Darren Drake was beautifully done and moving. I also saw your on-air comments on this topic yesterday. Thank you for caring and for making this insightful observations.

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