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At one point gross domestic product (GDP) and oil demand moved in tandem but after the recession both readings have diverged. Do you think that GDP and Oil Consumption will move in tandem again and what does that mean for the American economy?
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Bullish, Despite Rough (Oil) Patch
Despite a rough two-week patch, Wall Street is feeling bullish, too. In fact, according to Barron's, there is not a single Wall Street strategist that is not bullish. Talk about the herd mentality; look at the estimates for the S&P 500, S&P Earnings, and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Growth. Read more.

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Market Outlook
Get Charles' Special Oil and Gas Report
12/19/2014 By Charles Payne
This unprecedented selloff has created some very distinct winners and losers. Get this free report that features 4 investment ideas in the oil and gas sector (and 2 stocks to avoid)!
Market Outlook
Consumer Sentiment Popping in Germany
12/19/2014 By Jennifer Coombs
Despite all of the gloom-and-doom economic headlines coming out of Germany over the past few months, there was a new spark of hope this week. Namely that despite the country’s slowing economic growth and industrial production their consumers don’t seem to be fazed. The forward looking reading
Then There's Cuba
12/18/2014 By Charles Payne, CEO & Principal Analyst
Saying we should "cut loose the shackles of the past” President Obama capped 18 months of secret negotiations spurred in part by Pope Francis with a three for one prison swap. Three Cuban spies for Ro
Econ Wrap Up: Philly Fed, Jobless Claims, Index of Economic Indicators
12/18/2014 By Jennifer Coombs
The weekly jobless claims came in far better than expected, which leads many to believe that December’s employment data may round out the year on a high note. After the pop above 300,000 in late November, the initial jobless claims have been coming back down and are now near their recovery lows.
Putin Blinks, Now What?
12/17/2014 By Charles Payne, CEO & Principal Analyst
What is happening in Russia could be karma, after the way they have bullied themselves around; first in Georgia and most recently in Ukraine. That being said, a wounded Putin is probably more dangerou
Good Old-Fashioned Common Sense
12/17/2014 By Charles Payne, CEO & Principal Analyst
When I think about the Federal Reserve, I often think about one of my favorite television series of all- time…The Beverly Hillbillies and the episode that still ranks as one of the highest rated ever.
Econ Wrap-Up: Housing Starts and Markit Manufacturing PMI
12/16/2014 By Jennifer Coombs
Housing starts remain flat, and will close out 2014 not much better than they ended last year. In November, single-family and multifamily housing starts actually moved in completely opposite directions. During the month, housing starts declined by 1.6% after rebounding by 1.7% in October. Analysts
Econ Wrap-Up: Industrial Production and Housing Market Index
12/16/2014 By Jennifer Coombs
The US manufacturing sector appears to be making an overall comeback. Industrial production during the month of November jumped by 1.3% after edging up only 0.1% in October, which was due to weakness in utilities in mining. Consensus only called for a 0.7% increase in November. Manufacturing

Observations of a concerned public

Ken G writes:
Thanks to your panel for staying so level headed during last weeks
big drop, I made beaucoup money the last 2 days by just staying
in stocks, like you and your guests suggested.


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